Bootstrap vs UIKit

April 18, 2022

Bootstrap vs UIKit, which is really better?

First of all, what are Bootstrap and UIKit?

Both are open source front-end frameworks which is used to quickly design or develop web interfaces.

What are the advantages of using frameworks?

– Provides a solid foundation for responsive or mobile-first approach websites

– Cross-browser compatibility

– Important advantage is, it saves you time when building web interfaces

So which one should you use?

Well, both are pretty easy to use, you just have to get the hang of it. I’ve been using Bootstrap for years, and this is one of the few websites that I’ve used UIkit on a WordPress theme. I like the grid system on UIKit, it’s much more comprehensive than Bootstrap’s 12 grid system.

How about page speed?

To test, I created 2 static landing pages with similar layout and both using minimal custom styling, please take note that both aren’t really optimized.

Bootstrap vs UIKit

Here are the scores on PageSpeed Insights.

Google PageSpeed for Desktop
96 Performance
95 Performance

Google PageSpeed for Mobile
86 Performance
85 Performance

As you can see, there isn’t much difference when it comes to page speed.


If you want a bunch animations without adding more scripts, then use UIkit. However, Bootstrap is the more popular one, so it’s easy to find tutorials or a community support.

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