Creating Your First WorPress Post

November 19, 2020

What does most usually publish on their first WordPress post? Most bloggers introduce themselves, explain what their blog is about and why the users should subscribe.

But whatever it is, a lot of people are confused about the post editor, especially now, that the Gutenberg editor has been updated.

So while logged-in click on Posts > Add New

Posts > Add New

Here are a few important parts of the WordPress posts editor:

Creating Your First WordPress Post
01 Post Title
02 Gutenberg Block Editor
03 Add Block
04 Undo and Redo buttons
05 Preview

See the post before publishing it.

06 Publish button
07 Visibility

Public – this will be visible to everyone

Private – this is only visible to users who are logged in to the site

Password Protected – this will only be visible to users who has the password of the page

08 Publish

You have the option to publish the post immediately or after adding it, schedule it for posting in the future or change the date as if it was posted in the past.

09 Stick to the top of the blog
10 Pending Review

When this is checked, it means it’s waiting for a review from the Editor

11 View Post

This section contains a link to the post, once it’s saved, you have the option to change the url slug

12 Categories

Select or add a category/ies for your post in this section, you also have the option to choose the main category for the post

13 Tags

Add post tags

14 Featured Image

Here’s where you add the featured image, normally, this image is placed on top of the post, depending on the theme

15 Manual Excerpt

This doesn’t show up all the time in the post editor, it depends on the theme, but here’s where you put the summary of the post which shows up on the Blog, Archive, Category and Search Results pages

16 Discussion

Disable comments and pingbacks & trackbacks

17 Post Attributes: Template

This usually depends on the theme, but on the Twenty Twenty theme, there’s an option to choose a template for posts

You can play around with the Gutenberg editor before adding your post, just make sure you are maximizing the use of it, enjoy blogging!

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