WordPress Optimization Plugins For Your Website (Paid / Premium Version)

August 13, 2022

If you need to up your WordPress optimization game, and also, if you can shell out a bit of money for it, then purchase/subscribe to these premium plugins.

WordPress optimization using WP Rocket


Probably the best WordPress Optimization plugin there is, in my opinion that is.

Why use WPRocket?

It’s easy to configure!

You can integrate your CDN

Reduce or disable Heartbeat Activity

Add missing image dimensions

Enable LazyLoad

Schedule database cleanup

Have separate cache files for mobile devices

File optimization and so much more.

WordPress optimization using Perfmatters


Basically, this allows you to disable which scripts, plugins or css files that doesn’t need to load on a page. This is perfect if you have a lot of plugins that are slowing up your site. So if your form is only on the Contact page, you can disable the plugin’s files on the rest of the pages.

If you don’t want to pay for a premium plugin, I will be posting a 2022 version of free optimization plugins.

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