Easiest Way to Create a WordPress Child Theme

July 3, 2020

Why do you need a WordPress Child Theme?

Child Themes are very useful when you need to edit or add a section or add news styles on your current theme. Instead of editing your theme directly – which is not recommended since you cannot update the theme because your edits will be gone – do edits on the child theme.

Let’s say you need to edit the footer of the site, but it cannot be edited via widgets, copy footer.php from your parent theme, paste it on your child theme and edit.

So, the easiest way to add a child theme?

Install the Child Theme Generator plugin

Child Theme Generator plugin

url: wordpress.org/plugins/child-theme-generator/

Step 1

Install the plugin

Step 2

Go to Settings > Child-Theme Gen

Step 3

Fill-in the fields

Child Theme Generator plugin

And that’s it!

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