How to Install WordPress

November 5, 2020

If you’re using a cPanel hosting, you’re most likely to have Softaculous Apps Installer, in Hostinger, it’s Auto Installer to install WordPress. If you’re in a WordPress hosting, then, you don’t have to worry ‘coz it’s automatically installed.

Manually Install WordPress

1 Download the file from

2 Upload the file via FTP or cPanel File Manager

3 Extract the file

4 Normally, it will extract in a wordpress folder, so go to that folder, select all the files and move/drag it to the folder you want it installed, let’s say your root folder

5 In cPanel, go to the MySQL Databases, create a database and a username with password. Make sure that the user is granted with all privileges

manage user privileges in mysql database to install wordpress

6 On you browser, go the the url or

7 You will see the installation page, just select a language, add the database info, your email, preferred username and also you preferred password.

information needed during wordpress installation

That’s it, login and create you first post or your first page!

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