Turning Your WordPress Website into a Shopping Site

January 4, 2021

So you decided to also have a shopping site for your WordPress site, here’s what you can do:

Install WooCommerce


WooCommerce is a free open-source e-commerce platform powered by WordPress. There are a lot of free and paid extensions and themes that can be used with it. It has the same simplicity as using the WordPress site, so it really is easy-to-use.

To install WooCommerce, go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add Plugin then search for WooCommerce.

After installation and activation, there’s an installation wizard so you won’t miss the important settings.

Select a Theme

Genesis Connect for WooCommerce

If you are currently using a theme using a Genesis Framework, you can install Genesis Connect for WooCommerce, it automatically installs the needed files, which are single-product.phparchive-product.php and taxonomy.php to display the single product page, the main shop page, Product Category and Product Tag archive pages.

Storefront Theme

If you’re not using a Genesis Framework, you can get free WooCommerce themes here. Probably the most popular is the Storefront theme, which was built and maintained by the WooCommerce developers. So it is expectedly updated and works with WooCommerce 100%.

To install a theme, go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes then Add New. You can either search for the theme or upload it.

Here are also some WooCommerce tutorials you can do.

I will be adding more WooCommerce tutorials, so stay tuned.

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